How Our Process Delivers Top Dollar



Congratulations on the decision to sell your home! Here is a glimpse into our process and how we market your home to get TOP DOLLAR.


Our entire process is designed to attract as many buyers as possible to your home with high interest, which has allowed us to get our sellers more money for their home. Our process is extensive and includes many additional services at no cost to you.


We do this by using the latest technology and tools to promote your listing. Here’s how:


Step 1: Preparing Your Home

During the listing appointment - I will go over in great detail on how we are going to get your home prepared to list and present to buyers. Living in your home and selling your home are two different scenarios and we will need to make changes so buyers can see themselves living in the home. Our process includes a stager who will go over tips on prepping your home and best strategies to capture buyers interest. Our stager is more than just decor - they help coordinate any vendors if we need painting, landscaping, etc. They will be your assistant in making sure items are being checked out the list in a timely manner.


Preparing Your Home


Step 2: High Quality Photography

We will pay to have our experienced photographer photograph your home at its best. Our goal is to get buyers interested in your home and we do this by having excellent photos to draw them in with more interest to see the home. We may also have drone photos taken and/or a professional video when we think it will help drive more traffic to your home and showcase its best features. We only upload a selection of photos of your home that we think will drive the most traffic. We don’t showcase every feature of the home as this results in less showings because there is no curiosity left if they have seen it all.


High Quality Photography


Step 3: Promoting Your Listing

We have mastered a marketing strategy that allows us to promote your home in a manner that attracts higher traffic than the other agents. First, we will pre-list your home on Zillow, driving interest in the home saving days on market. By pre-listing, we get to let our database and the internet have a sneak peak at inventory that is coming. Creating this interest and buzz is a way that we get more traffic to your listings than any other agent.


We have a strong relationship with Zillow. Zillow has about 100 million users currently. We of course want to place your home in the best spots and where the most buyers are. During our appointment, I will go over how our great relationship with Zillow highly benefits you and your listing.


We also use Facebook AD’s, Google Adwords and our large database of buyers to promote your listing. We use these avenues to promote as coming soon/pre-list, just listed and open houses as we take your listing through our proven process.


Our process is not only designed to prepare your home and attract a large pool of buyers but also to get those buyers to your home. After a buyer presents interest in your home we are quickly connecting with them, within 5 minutes actually. We want to connect with your potential buyers quickly to ensure they don’t move on to the next property. That is why we have a team in place to make sure any information that is requested is given to the buyer quickly with strategies in place to get them to the home.



You Get An Offer! Congratulations! Now What?

When we get an offer I aggressively negotiate on your behalf to your benefit. I'm known as a strong negotiator in this market and always keep my clients best interest at the forefront of all negotiations while maintaining a positive relationship with all parties involved ensuring a smooth and fair transaction. While your home is under contract I will guide you every step of the way and provide resources shall any concerns arise during the inspection period, appraisal, title and municipal requirements. You can read many third-party 5 star reviews that proof to this process here.


I know you have many options when selling your home, so thank you for considering me and choosing our proven approach to accomplish your real estate goals.


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This instant valuation is a high level value that does not take into consideration any upgrades or special features your home has. I would be more than happy to meet with you to discuss your valuation at no cost to you.